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Kat Kerr - July 27 2013 am on The Manifesting Sons Broadcast

  1. I'm getting such revelation and impartation from these
    teachings. bless you Kat Kerr. You are doing an amazing job
    revealing God and Heaven.
  2. I am so grateful that our Father God has assigned his
    precious daughter, Kat, to encourage us like this, to see
    past the "doom and gloom" to God's Kingdom Age Agenda. I
    want to be fruitful in this Kingdom Age, not letting my
    Heavenly Father down. We were created for His pleasure.
    Thank you, Kat, for your faithfulness and love.
  3. Yaaahh!!! I remember her being at my church, life changing
  4. I love this lady !
  5. Whatever i declare and decree; it happens to me.
  6. I love revelation! Thank you Kat! God bless you and your
    team! Love from Sweden!
  7. One of the best things about Kat is her delightful sense of
    humour! With much love from Rusty and Simon Gladdish
  8. First time I hear an Evangelist telling the truth about God.
    He is all about love. She clearly shows that God is NOT
    human.. we have the tendency to give Him characteristics
    that are human and not see Him as what He really is.. an
    ALL MIGHTY BEING creator of all and Whose main
    characteristic is LOVE
  9. Whatever i declare and decree will happen to me
  10. Preachingaround the World
  11. Faith enhancing! Thank you keep posting videos!
  12. Love her videos!
  13. Thank you so much Kat. I just love haven BUT! I Love JESUS
  14. Hola im from mexico. Gracias POR subir el video amo kat kerr
    revelations, thank you so much for letting us to be part of
    what God is saying and you have the video of the
    next day that she mention. That she was going to pray???
  15. please keep putting more videos!
  16. you mentioned we should not worry about having a "cabin,"
    except that's exactly what I would prefer. Don't need a
    mansion, just a small log cabin, that is what I've
    requested of our Lord. I don't see me having one on earth,
    but the Good Lord willing, I'll get it when I return to Him.
    I declare and receive this from our Savior. Thank you Kat,
    keep these videos coming, so uplifting.
  17. I love hearing Kat, I can listen to this 10 times and each
    time I hear something different. Besides the Bible, what
    she has to share about Heaven with our Father, Jesus and
    the Holy Spirit is fuel for my soul. Can anyone tell me
    where I can order this CD that is mentioned at the end of
    this session?
  18. Cabin is superior to travel around the ways.
  19. Prais God :-D
  20. Like Kat says, you'll need big rooms for all your loved ones
    and friends to come visit!! You can have a cabin in the
    mountains, a shack on the beach, and real big house in the
    country!!! Glory to God!!
  21. Thanks for uploading this!!!
  22. Thank you!
  23. You can buy the cds at RevealingHeaven
  24. Thank you, Releaseorgau" for posting this video. I'm always
    looking for God's new videos and I'm excited to see
    another. Watching it now. God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, open
    every one of my sister's and brother's minds to the
    revelation you are sharing with us. I love you!


107.97 min
User rating: 4.7442923/5
Username: releaseorgau
Views on youtube: 31128

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Kat Kerr - July 27 2013 am on The Manifesting Sons Broadcast




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