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Un beliveable baby born in pakistan

  1. To Cheri Phillips: Your spelling and grammar is so bad that
    I cannot even understand your reply, except the part that
    said, "are you dumb?" So, in answer to the part of your
    question that is readable, no, I am not dumb. On the
    contrary, I am quite smart and highly educated. What is
    your definition of a human being? 
  2. this is real or fuckin fake?
  3. it´s 100% fake !
  4. Typical pakis. So much fucking interbreeding soon theyll all
    look like this. Muzlims of course. 
  5. This baby is suffering from harlequin ichthyosis
  6. This eyes.
  7. God why!
  8. Oh God, how did I get here?
  9. My god Allah don't punish children's Plzzzzzz ameeeeeeen
  10. Poor child. I dont agree with abortion but surely that baby
    is in pain? :( I hate things like this so upsetting 
  11. Poor little one. This is a rare painful condition I wish
    never exsisted. Race does not matter not inbreeding either
    it happens to all races. 
  12. Dear God, only you know......please touch this child in a
    forsaken land, without much knowledge...and these cruel
    people, who have no love.That this baby not suffer...
  13. For all of the idiot commenters: This is a rare skin
    disease called Harlequin Ichthyosis. 5 out of 1,000,000,000
    are born with it due to genetic congenital
  14. the devil is born beware
  15. kill it kill it
  16. See now example I lost my ex girlfriend mean my wife But
    also I m trusting the only one my Allah Bcuz only he can
    make us together not u or evil spirit or some spells ryt
  17. I'm sorry but I wold kill that thing
  18. Hello Jawad, can you tell me if this baby is still alive and
    if he is okay today? Do you have any updates for the
  19. All the baby's organs are outside of the body as well, after
    seeing this I will never moan about anything again!! God
    help the poor thing.
  20. Pakis please stop interbreeding you dity fucks, look how
    youve fucked it up!?!! Only in Pakistand an India and
    Bangladesh you see the weirdest defirmations. Just fuckin
    stop it
  21. Kill it before it spreads!!!
  22. I could rebuild this poor baby's face by cutting a thin bit
    of skin from its lower back and replacing it on the baby's
    face. Unfortunately the baby will be blind all its life,
    it's almost like a vampire baby, maybe it is. Scientific
    Fact- Vampires are real, they drink blood but they don't get
    special powers.
  23. looks terrible, but is it real ?, 
  24. harlequin-type ichthyosis
  25. :( Poui babe


1.05 min
User rating: 2.514037/5
Username: Jawad Ahmed
Views on youtube: 3882635

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un beliveable baby born in Pakistan on Friday 05th March 2010 at Sargodha Pakistan




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