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  1. It's called United States Penitentiary, Pollock. It is a
    maximum security prison with about 1100-1300 prisoners. It
    looks empty because people are locked up inside of it for
    violent crimes!!!!! It is in use and a quick check on
    wikipedia will tell you everything you need to know. I'm
    all for researching something that may be a FEMA camp if no
    other info is available, but dude! Do some research.
    Also, not uncommon to have a shooting range close to a
    prison. It's out of the way of residential areas and easy
    for law enforcement to get to . They shoot at paper targets
    (by the way). Not HUMANS. C'mon man!
  2. It's USP POLLOCK, Federal Prison, in Pollock, La 1000
    AIRBASE ROAD POLLOCK, LA 71467. They have visiting hours,
    and a website. Go visit. "There are no windows...." except
    for all the windows I can plainly see in your video..... I
    love these videos. It's like a recruiting video for
  3. Looks like a prison to me,and they always have white
    vehicles. I'm ex-Army and do not recall the Government
    having a lot of all white vehicles. This guy is another
    paranoid Idiot not getting enough attention and you-tube
    gives him a stage to have his very own New's station. But
    it's entertainment anyway,like any other Dumb shit offered
    on Public television these days.
  4. Our tax dollars at work, well, buildings like this and for
    feeding/housing etc., our "Representatives and
    Administration" so they can ride in limos and eat caviar,
    drink champagne and complain that "they don't get paid
    enough"! I paid taxes for over 40 years and barely get by
    with the disability that I WORKED FOR and it's crap like
    this why I can barely get by! Thank GOD for His MANY
    BLESSINGS! I wouldn't make it without Him!!~Heads UP!
  5. CombatForTheFaith can you admit now that this is not a FEMA
    camp, since everyone has already looked up its address and
    found out that it is just a penitentiary. Why are
    misleading everyone? Every pen has a gun range for the
    officers to practice. Federal Marshal's are FEDERAL, so they
    have FEDERAL vehicles. Why are you so blatantly misleading
  6. It is also home to three United States Penitentiaries. The
    United States Penitentiary (USP) is a high security
    institution housing male offenders. This institution is
    part of the Federal Correctional Complex (FCC) Pollock. An
    adjacent satellite prison camp houses minimum security male
  7. This guy is such a big fat lier....... Why do they alowe
    this to take place. Report this dumb ass.
  8. incinerator fans? Seriously? Oh and if it WAS a camp do you
    think it would be so obvious? The real patriots wont
    survive to make it to the camps. Re-education is wated on
    a real American.
  9. The more of these supposed Fema camp videos I watch the more
    I see them faking the same things for FEMA camps. the Fema
    camp exposed in Florida is really Hendry County
    Correctional Facility which closed down in 2008 and is now
    used for SWAT and general law enforcement training. I mean
    the economy is not what it used to be but things aren't
    that bad really
  10. Holocaust is coming here in America
  11. Well if their intentions were as bad as most people believe
    why build the condemned a shelter? If their intentions were
    as bad as people make it out to be they would just kill
    everyone instantly and not bother with the manpower ,
    electric power, food , shelter, and provisions to keep all
    these people alive 1 bullet per is cheaper. Depopulation
    would not require housing of the living. Guess they are
    going to round us all up turn us into slaves to farm for
    them. I need a little exercise myself , guess a little
    farming and some fresh veggies would not be so bad. I just
    hope they don't get rid of Hollywood and Youtube cause I
    really like being mindless ignorant and brainwashed and
    dumbed down. As long as the beer is cold the TV is warm(
    with football on of course) and my belly stays full nothing
    else matters. I am just going to miss my fast car and the
    long nights at the club. Maybe just maybe if we are lucky
    there will be a club on site. Do you get what I am saying?
    I know I don't 
  12. This not Livingston,LA Area
  13. why do all those flying drone folks, overfly such facilities
    & feed their video footage on to websites like this?
  14. can someone please tell me why you jackass people that keep
    putting all the fema shit up dont do better research before
    you post your bullshit
  15. Lol omg you wish it was a fema camp if ur ass ends up there
    ,thats a promise
  16. This guy says that you don't get buried when you go to FEMA
    camps...well doesn't that debunk the whole "plastic coffins
    for FEMA camps" theory?
  17. HA HA HA, AH HA HA HA. I love this video, all it needed was
    a explanation as to why god was doing this!, Ha ha ha, come
    on all you anarchists, rebels and revolutionaries, rise
    above the shame of modern slavery and take control of
    yours, mine and the entire worlds future. Ha ha ha The
    internet is awesome!
  18. That Is Not Livingston Parish get you facts right...
  19. Why would anyone believe this Video.
  20. second building looks like a reeducation camp...
  22. Do not go to FEMA camps because you will die :D
  23. Did you drive out and ride by the facility to see if there
    were any prisoners on the yard? Hell no. I can't believe
    you still have this video up, and even harder to believe
    people shared it "as is". It's a prison and nothing more.
    Believe me, I work for the DOC. Stop with the dis-info. It
    doesn't help your cause.........
  24. well i do see soccer and basketball courts
  25. FEMA camps ARE "concentration camps" people, this is what a
    concentration camp looks like. WAKE UP and Wake your
    friends and neighbors up before its too late.


8.27 min
User rating: 3.9855454/5
Username: CombatForTheFaith
Views on youtube: 198235

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Published on Oct 4, 2012 by idahopicker

Try this link to see for yourself: ***
Address to nearby area: 5325 Louisiana Hwy 8, Bentley LA

It was in a docu done by that Ex-FBi
Published on Oct 4, 2012 by idahopicker

Try this link to see for yourself: ***
Address to nearby area: 5325 Louisiana Hwy 8, Bentley LA

It was in a docu done by that Ex-FBi guy and that Maxwell guy, they had a copy of FEMA's USofA FEMA Camp Map and stuck it up on screen via power point and screen capture, ***
try this site, think it was on this one.




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