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  2. its not FEMA
    its a JAIL
  3. First of all, there are people in there. Second of all,
    you might be next. Make love
  4. Notice how close the treeline is to the towers. That place
    is designed to imprison, but if it was attacked in any
    meaningful way by people who knew what they were doing, the
    place wouldn't last long.
  5. I recognized that masonic compass right away at the
  6. this is a jail ...
  7. smh
  8. Google has blocked out the site.
  9. I hope people will get out of their 'normalcy bias' and pay
    attention to this video - never ever volunteer to go to any
    of these fema camps. You can prepare for any sort of
    disasters by having stuff to barter with (when fiat
    currency is obsolete), storable food, water, protection,
    and if you possibly can, pay off all your debts including
    mortgage, and buy gold and silver. Avoid fluoridated water,
    GM foods, research the truth about how vaccines are really
    being used, smart meters are silent weapons, wi-fi in
    schools have been stopped in France - google Barrie Trowers
    for your own sake and that of your female school children
    in particular.
  10. Looks like you need to be in there to stop you making stupid
    video`s like this one !
  11. I won't be there. You?
  12. its just a
    min and max prison for actual federal criminals.
  13. There is a reason why the last work of one of the greatest
    writers ever Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in not available in
    America in English . The book "200 Years together" has
    never been published in English. Why/ Because it tells you
    who the communists were. Who ran the gulag camps in the
    Soviet Union. who murdered 40 plus million in the most
    bestial ways imaginable.....They were Jews...and they run
    the DHS is infested with them...not to mention write
    all your guns laws,own your banks,and media,and admit it is
    they who lobby for open borders...%2 of the
  14. wow.. even on the smallest possibility of being a jail...
    why so much holding space... lol people are blind
  15. Major World War II army camps in Central Lousiana included
    Camp Livingston to the east of Alexandria, and Camp
    Claiborne to the west. Pollock Army Air Field Pollock Army
    Air Field was located 4 miles southwest of Pollock,
    Louisiana, and functioned as a satellite air field for the
    Alexandria Army Airbase (AAAB, later England AFB. AAAB,
    which was 10 nautical miles distant from Pollock, was was
    opened on October 21, 1942 and was used during World War II
    for Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress aircrew training. Pollock
    Airfield is about 16 miles north of Alexandria and
    Pineville. The air field featured three paved runways
    forming a triangle (see aerial view below). It was
    sometimes known as Pollock Army Auxiliary Air Field. After
    the war, the federal government turned the facility over to
    civilian control, and was renamed Pollock Municipal
  17. It's the US Penitentiary located in Pollock, LA
  18. Fema camps are suppose to be were people can go in case of
    trouble it is not there to kill us
  19. its a federal pound me in the ass prison in pollock la
  20. It's a U.S. penitentiary... it even has google reviews about
    prisoners CURRENTLY in it...
  21. This is a Federal prison, it isn't new, it has been there
    for a long time. I'm not saying that they aren't building
    "camps" but this isn't one...
  22. It' looks like a prison, not FEMA camps. But I believe FEMA
    camps are being built everyday to house those opposed to
    gov't policies, laws, beliefs.
  23. I think this is the Livingstom Parish detention center where
    they house prisoners not sure if it is a state prison or
    just a county prison
  24. I don't think the terrors of a FEMA camp will include
    baseball. The baseball diamond tells this as being a federal
    prison. You can now get paranoid about something else.
  25. Another example of rantings from under-educated mouth
    breathing masses who should NOT be allowed near a computer.
    This is yet more worthless information showing well known
    PUBLIC detention centers, prisons, and the like. It's much
    like the mouth breathers who breathlessly post the "LATEST
    PICTURES OF D.U.M.B. SITES" which in reality are the usual
    pictures of the Tokyo storm water system, various salt
    mines, and commercial underground storage centers located
    in Limestone bluffs in the Kansas City area etc. All this
    mindless "Static" destroys any shred of credibility
    regarding any alleged FEMA camps. Learn the basics of
    research BEFORE you post more of this Bull Sh*t...Do us all
    a favor and leave these topics for the adults.


8.27 min
User rating: 4.0349417/5
Username: CombatForTheFaith
Views on youtube: 146402

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Published on Oct 4, 2012 by idahopicker

Try this link to see for yourself:
Address to nearby area: 5325 Louisiana Hwy 8, Bentley LA

It was in a docu
Published on Oct 4, 2012 by idahopicker

Try this link to see for yourself:
Address to nearby area: 5325 Louisiana Hwy 8, Bentley LA

It was in a docu done by that Ex-FBi guy and that Maxwell guy, they had a copy of FEMA's USofA FEMA Camp Map and stuck it up on screen via power point and screen capture,
try this site, think it was on this one. 




Web page:


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