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Vaginal Childbirth, This Video Is Graphic, Discretion Advised

  1. WHAT AM I WATCHING? Oh em gee, her fucking vagina is
    infected, look at that shit down her ass.
  2. That doctor could have hurt that baby, and that women
    coochie is infected with something.
    Usually the OBGYN has to twist the baby around and be a
    little rough, I mean, think about where the baby is coming
    from, and no the baby is not dead, it's blue because it
    hasn't taken it's first breath. My goodness.
  4. the closest thing to the pain of giving birth is being
    burned alive
  5. Her parts look diseased
  6. Congratiolations.. Her husband wont fuck her for about two
    years from her childs birth
  7. WHY must they yank on the neck like that !!??!
  8. did she poop
  9. The stupid dr or the nurse she is pulling the baby so
    roughly what if she broken baby is neck??? I don't have
    kids but I was scared for the baby is life dr should have
    gone for c section!
  10. The woman's vaginal area had to have a sterile solution put
    on the outside. It just looks like that. All vaginal births
    have that same sterile solution. Nine times out of ten if
    any one has a vaginal delivery they had that same stuff put
    on them. It just look gross.
  11. That stupid bitch doctor pulling on the babys head with all
    of her strength. If I ever have a baby I am going to get my
    husband to film it too, so just in case any of these
    doctors injure my baby during the process, I have it on
  12. Why does it look so lumpy o.O
  13. Jesus she pulling on that baby's head like crazy your not
    suppose to do that but God damn
  14. People are stupid!?
  15. She could've broke the baby neck smh b****
  16. Sweet, Jesus. Her vaginal area has varicose veins, right?
    That's why it looks lumpy-ish? And your doctor would tell
    you if you had varicose veins, right?
  17. She was going to pull its blooming head off! I thought she
    was going to snap its neck!
  18. Wft! Why her pussy look like it has some kind of infection.
    and why the hell that lady pull the baby like that damn? I
    thought the baby head going snap! No way I don't want kids
    I don't think I can give birth shit look like it hurt even
    tho its a beautiful thing.
  19. They looked kike they were being SO rough on the baby, the
    nurse was trying to pull it out, the baby wasnot crying and
    looked dead. I hope it was ok afetr.
  20. I honestly thought that the doctor would kill that baby
    before it lived
  21. Why did the doctors let her poop stay there?.The baby could
    have got it in his nose and mouth!.
  22. I have so much respect for a woman that has given vaginal
    childbirth. I know that our vagina is a muscle and will go
    back to its original size but this video seems almost
    unlikely. Maybe the baby is just a little on the large
    side. Poor woman. God bless her. I had my daughter at 32 and
    it was a c-section (thank god) because I developed
    preeclampsia and had two back surgeries prior to my
    pregnancy. The doctors advised me not to have children
    because of my back problems, but experiencing motherhood and
    happiness for 30 seconds outweighed the sadness of never
    being a mother. My daughter is my entire world!!! 
  23. You are NOT supposed to pull on the baby like that. I have 3
    kids and they never pulled on them like that and I also
    work at the hospital and I assisted in many many vaginal
    births and NEVER does a doctor do that. We learned in
    school that that is very dangerous for the baby. Terrible
  24. I'm sorry but I've seen a lot of vaginal births but this one
    is just disgusting yuck she looks all loose and tore up
    from the floor up. Damn thst stuff looks diseased ugh yeah
    vaginas have to stretch to bore the baby but she looked
    like she was loose before she even got pregnant. Damn the
    guy must be desperate or cheating lol
  25. Never mind the baby head made it look like that. But I1
    still don't get way the lady was pulling the baby like that
    shit made me hurt.


1.32 min
User rating: 3.071651/5
Username: BabyDiariesUK
Views on youtube: 1310435

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This video is for educational purposes and has been chosen as it reflects my experience of giving birth.


This video is for educational purposes and has been chosen as it reflects my experience of giving birth.

By the end of pregnancy, the womb has become a big, muscular sack. It's been a home for the baby for nine months. Now it needs to push that baby out into the world.

Most labour pain comes from the powerful squeezing of these womb muscles. These are called contractions and they have lots to do:

1. Stretch open the cervix (neck of the womb) to 10cm wide (the size of most babies' heads.) This stretching is called the First Stage of labour and it takes about 10 hours.

We may start by getting contractions lasting for 30-60 seconds every 5-20 minutes. In between contractions, there's usually no pain, so we can rest. As labour continues, the contractions become more frequent, more intense and longer lasting.

The feeling is difficult to describe and once it's over, it's difficult to remember. Most people say the nearest thing to it is extremely bad period pains.

2. Contractions also have to swivel the baby round so it's facing the mother's spine. This is the easiest way out.

3. Then they have to push the baby out through the vagina. This is the Second Stage of labour and takes about 1-2 hours. At this point the mother can start pushing too, using her tummy muscles along with the womb to push the baby out.

4. Finally, the Third Stage is where the placenta and umbilical cord come out. These bits have attached and fed the baby inside. Most mums are too distracted with their newborn to notice this stage.

All this is heavy work. Think how your thighs feel even after a short run. Our womb muscles have to keep working out for an average of 15 hours. Phew. No wonder it hurts.




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