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Vaginal Childbirth, This Video Is Graphic, Discretion Advised

  1. Wait all jokes aside.... why does her vagina look like that?
    I'm 38 weeks preggers, so I've been watching a lot of
    birthing videos... Not one vagina has looked that mangled.
  2. For sure I was little bit scared when I saw this video...
    but I don't have any nasty comments for this woman. She is
    beautiful and she is a MOTHER. Congratulations for the
    baby and I am sure by now, you must be doing very good
    along with your baby.
  3. WHAT AM I WATCHING? Oh em gee, her fucking vagina is
    infected, look at that shit down her ass.
  4. Damn it's embarrassing when your giving birth and you
  5. pussy is sore just watching that. I don't even
    have a pussy.
  6. that was shit......shit was coming out of her anus.....
  7. Congratiolations.. Her husband wont fuck her for about two
    years from her childs birth
  8. You aren't supposed to pull the baby out it's supposed to
    come out naturally
  9. Whoa I agree. Her parts looked mangled before the kid came
    out. Who impregnated her? Was he hard up? This is probably
    the ugliest child.birth I've ever seen. Did she dog her
    crouch a lot from itchy yeast infection? Was this baby
    alive? I know that was not a real doc pulling on that baby
    like that. This whole film will scare the crap out of first
    time parents. 
  10. How did I get here?
  11. Why is it that there's morons like these who probably
    shouldn't be allowed to deliver babies? Imagine the baby
    got bruising or an injury, they didn't even have the
    decency to clean the poor woman up and now she's probably
    going to live her whole life having a mutilated vagina
    which will probably get infected
  12. Now I'm scared to have a baby when I'm older :( I helped my
    mum give birth when i was 11 but i don't remember it being
    this horrible. Plus the doctor was pulling on the baby...
    Which doesn't look very healthy.
  13. OMG! Why is that woman pulling soo damn hard on the baby's
  14. why her vagina like that cause like im preparing for when i
    watch it in health class and i never seen a vagina like
    that dahell she be going to that
  15. I actually think she has varicose veins. Apparently these
    can pop up around the vagina during pregnancy. Her baby
    also looked like a pretty decent size, which may explain
    why this birth looked so difficult! Poor thing :/ I was a
    bit worried about the force that the baby was being pulled
    out at too though!
  16. Her parts look diseased
  18. Vaginas just don't look like that...and omg, that ass full
    of shit...nope. thought the baby was dead or something. The
    way the nurse was pulling on it could not have been safe.
  20. Why the heck was she pulling that baby out? It will do it
    naturally! I will never complain about my vag after this
    either. Poor lady she had a hard time made me hurt. 
  21. Cool i read all the comments *Scrolls back up* SCARY
  22. Okay, first off I have seen a lot of comments about the way
    her lady parts look. First of all, when pregnant, it is
    very hard to shave. You cannot reach it. You cannot shave
    unless you get someone to do it for you. Waxing is an
    option but you would have to find someone willing enough to
    do it on a pregnant woman because of the risk of infection.
    Also, yeast infections are very common for pregnant woman.
    Secondly, if it was a disease, the birthing would have been
    C-section to avoid infecting the baby. Lastly, it is also
    very common to defecate while in labor and while pushing due
    to the muscle usage. It said viewer discretion is advised.
    if you are not mature enough to handle it just leave her
    alone. This woman spent nine months baking this cake and
    now all the hard work has paid off. 
  23. WTF is that she's got going on down there? She should be
    pure damn ashamed for even offering a man such a mutilated
    va-jay-jay and whoever the hell it was that accepted should
    be shot & laid to rest!! RIP vagina😬
  24. No matter how her pussy looked she just pushed out a baby a
    miracle of life she can deal with her pussy later shes got
    a baby n no matter how thst looks
  25. The way that nurse pulled on that baby's head to pull it out
    doesn't seem right to me at all.


1.32 min
User rating: 3.0968366/5
Username: BabyDiariesUK
Views on youtube: 1525064

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This video is for educational purposes and has been chosen as it reflects my experience of giving birth.


This video is for educational purposes and has been chosen as it reflects my experience of giving birth.

By the end of pregnancy, the womb has become a big, muscular sack. It's been a home for the baby for nine months. Now it needs to push that baby out into the world.

Most labour pain comes from the powerful squeezing of these womb muscles. These are called contractions and they have lots to do:

1. Stretch open the cervix (neck of the womb) to 10cm wide (the size of most babies' heads.) This stretching is called the First Stage of labour and it takes about 10 hours.

We may start by getting contractions lasting for 30-60 seconds every 5-20 minutes. In between contractions, there's usually no pain, so we can rest. As labour continues, the contractions become more frequent, more intense and longer lasting.

The feeling is difficult to describe and once it's over, it's difficult to remember. Most people say the nearest thing to it is extremely bad period pains.

2. Contractions also have to swivel the baby round so it's facing the mother's spine. This is the easiest way out.

3. Then they have to push the baby out through the vagina. This is the Second Stage of labour and takes about 1-2 hours. At this point the mother can start pushing too, using her tummy muscles along with the womb to push the baby out.

4. Finally, the Third Stage is where the placenta and umbilical cord come out. These bits have attached and fed the baby inside. Most mums are too distracted with their newborn to notice this stage.

All this is heavy work. Think how your thighs feel even after a short run. Our womb muscles have to keep working out for an average of 15 hours. Phew. No wonder it hurts.




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