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TASHAN-Chhaliya full song (HD)

  1. horrible dancer she is 
  2. I love this song and music video, Kareena has definitly got
    a stunning body ...
  3. From what angle does she look good here? She looks like a
    skeleton of a nine year old boy. Her skin looks sickly, her
    head looks to big for her body & let's not forget the super
    attractive protruding ribs. Today, she has a full figure
    and looks way more beautiful. 
  4. she is so gorgeous luv this song
  5. Nyc song 
  6. she was so slim in these days but now she lost her figure
  7. Chhaliya - why dont you chaleee aaao yaha?
  8. Dat afro doe
  9. Size 0 doesn't suit her.
  10. I dont think she looks that skinny? she looks fine. Theyre
    average girls in india who look like sticks compared to
  11. Answer to all haters,comments:----you are watching
    her,aren't you????you all are wishing to be in her
    place,well too bad.Number of comments,negative or
    positive;you are paying her
  12. she soooo skinny but her figure its killing me.. but more
    meats doent hurts at all. loves her so much.
  13. She's a horrible dancer. This is so laughable!!! Man who did
    the choreography. I can't even watch the whole video it's
    so bad. They need an American dancer to help them with
    their dance moves. 
  14. Looks very trashy. More like a tramp.
  15. killer attitude
  16. kareena ist die beste
  17. lmao at the black girls in the back.
  18. My sweetheart adore yeah ♥♥♥
  21. Ooooooopppppppzzzzzzzzzz
  22. i love you bebo she is beautifull just chut up bladi idiots
    i mean who don't like her 
  23. I do not understand how they can say that her boby is
    gorgeous, she is skinny and not healthy ! In fact, she
    just drank a orange juice, and has a many fainting...
    because she did not eat! 
  24. fooooorr :* i love u kareena ♥
  25. kareena kapoor is the best for me


4.53 min
User rating: 4.5573354/5
Username: nishcooldude
Views on youtube: 5328384

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