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TASHAN-Chhaliya full song (HD)

  1. horrible dancer she is 
  2. for everyone who's criticizing her weight, she's size zero
    there and size sero body size has always been
    criticized.....we're here to see her killer attitude, and
    she looks fantastic in this song....especially in that black
  3. Having ribs showing is not bad. Marilyn Monroe was an
    hourglass and called curvy yet hers showed. We are
    bombarded with junk and sugar everywhere. Eat veg meat
    fruit and drink water and milk and do exercise. Not
    overexercise tho. You will be your ideal weight and will
    look good everywhere. Kareena was wrong to lose weight for
    this role yes but don't slam smaller women because in
    reality those ladies are naturally like that. Models and
    celebs today smoke and eat far less. The industry should be
    exposed esp Hollywood and the modelling scene! 
  4. I still love this song!! And she looks brill in this, out of
    many item songs she's the only actress to look decent in
    all her songs 
  5. I really do love Kareena Kapoor. Trust me, I really do. But
    if she really keeps thinking about her weight even in sleep
    and skipping meals, she's gonna get sick and die of
    malnutrition. IT'S OKAY TO BE CHUBBY -.- Gosh, isn't
    Sonakshi a little chubby? And she's still rockin' it!
  6. I love this song and music video, Kareena has definitly got
    a stunning body ...
  7. Answer to all haters,comments:----you are watching
    her,aren't you????you all are wishing to be in her
    place,well too bad.Number of comments,negative or
    positive;you are paying her
  8. TASHAN-Chhaliya full song (HD):
  9. From 2:53 to 3:12 kareena looks hot as fuck I wanna fuck her
    in that ass 
  10. i like chhaliya song kareena kapoor khan
  11. she is so gorgeous luv this song
  12. Chhaliya - why dont you chaleee aaao yaha?
  13. her figure is mwaaaah
  14. It was really good 
  15. Nice song 
  16. From what angle does she look good here? She looks like a
    skeleton of a nine year old boy. Her skin looks sickly, her
    head looks to big for her body & let's not forget the super
    attractive protruding ribs. Today, she has a full figure
    and looks way more beautiful. 
  17. Kareena is stunning as always... Love her. Bebo rocks
  18. kareena sooooo cute
  19. TASHAN-Chhaliya full song (HD):
  20. <3 aya biEn brk yàWw #Vive pRiyanK@ chOprà *_* màis
    chansans mlihà aDi :p !
  21. she looks wow i lov all her songs
  22. She is honestly so beautiful and sexy!
  23. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


4.53 min
User rating: 4.564528/5
Username: Nishant Aggarwal
Views on youtube: 5953013

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